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I wrote "door" and "channel" in the about-section?
It technically is a door as well, because mostly the player of a video is embedded via iframe, which is practically a window in this website in which another website is displayed in your browser -> showing the player. This means all players you see all open the websites of the services they derive (youtube, vimeo, ...). So if you are paranoid about cookies and tracking from these or any websites, you should use your browser settings for tracking prevention which tell them not to track you in order to protect your privacy and additionally use browser plug-ins which filter tracking services. Or leave.

The same stuff about tracking applies to, which is used for one-klick-sharing on this site.

But despite the reflex "pushing the beautiful, shiny button, the jolly, candy-like button", think exactly about what you are blocking and what not. We use google analytics and the open source tool piwik on this website to track how many people are watching (kind of nice to know for a webmaster how many people visit the own site, isn't it?) and how they navigate to see how we can improve things - the interface, not the program. This is very useful. If you block google analytics and piwik we don’t get this kind of information. But we won’t die if you block it. :) Google analytics say they anonymize the data. We, using piwik do. We have no intention to know your IP adress, therefor it is truncated. If you don’t trust them or us or any other service this kind, disable them by blocking. 

Legal disclaimer talk

Because of the technical scenario described above, we cannot be held responsible for whatever technological harm or web tracking might come from the channels you are watching nor for any content displayed in the shown players because we have no control about what actually is shown, we can only trigger the creation of the player.
Every video we post is freely available and enabled for embedding on the video hosting platform it is stored on, by the individual who postet it. So we assume there are no copyright issues but to the contrary the video is intended to be spread.  

Legal disclaimer talk off.

But of course it is not likely that magically or conspiratorially the content is changed and you will be shown terrible offending videos instead of the cool ones we found. If you get this feeling while watching – its just an ad.
So I only tell you this, so that I can tell you that I told you so, if you ask why I didn`t at least tell you, although nothing bad happened, happens or will likely happen,.. assumingly.